Software localization

Software localization

You Make the Best Product, We Make It Easy for the World to Use It

There’s more to software and mobile apps than the GUI. Dynamic online support systems and written documentation all contribute to the customer’s experience. Software and App localization includes the isolation and translation of text strings, form adaptation, and app rebuilding. We customize localization projects that enable you to successfully launch and distribute your product around the world.

Optimized translation for software & Apps

Software that has been localized properly has the look and feel of a product originally written and designed in the target market.
When you want to take your software global and translate it for other markets, different formats for date, currency, and time could clutter the interface. A language that reads from left to right may not work at all.
Languages that expand may not fit, making the UI unreadable. Images or icons that are not suitable in your new market could cause clash of culture, to say the least. It’s no small task to go from one language to another and maintain usability as well as functionality. If this seems to be too much to handle, bring us in. Your global users deserve software that meets their language and ease-of-use requirements.

Localization Testing

The vital process of localization testing ensures that your localized content is right for your target audience.
In skipping this step, the cost of correcting a problem found by a customer increases drastically over time.
KI’ dedicated QA and testing department offers linguistic testing, i18n testing, and GUI testing services to eliminate both translation errors and functional and cosmetic problems before it is released to the end consumer.
We use only professional, in-country translators with applicable subject matter expertise for localization testing and linguistic verification.

Online & Agile approch

Users across the globe expect software launches and updates to be carried out quickly, and a long delay from the initial source-language launch can result in significant losses in revenue from both current and potential customers.